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My name is Jean Skipper, and I'm a working artist who's living my dream in North Carolina. The weather is beautiful; the people are warm and wonderful; and I'm exactly where I want to be in this world.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Art for All Y'All in Process

Art for All Y'All is officially open for business in beautiful downtown Southern Pines, North Carolina! I don't have much time for a written update; but I would like to a share a few images of our work in process.

Gone is the huge graffiti rocker face that greeted
passers-by; gone is the larger than life nuclear fallout symbol; gone is the lifesized blue Jim Morrison. These images were very well suited for the alternative music studio that previously occupied the same space; but they just didn't fit our plans for Art for All Y'All.

I also want to publicly acknowledge my admiration and appreciation for all of my business partner and fellow artist, Amy Smith's, hard work, and especially for her innovative floral mural

that's shown in the interior view of the studio.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Art for All Y'All...Before!

Well here it us as promised, a photograph of our new teaching studio, "Art For All Y'All". I'll leave you with a single exterior shot, and it's a doosey!

Previously the space was used as an edgy music studio called, "The Sound Hole". We'll be changing the facade in the next few weeks, so I'll provide an update when we do. Those are beautifully fragrant Gardenia bushes outside the doors, and there's a great little area under the tree for seating. I'll post a view of the interior sometime soon as well.

For now I'm off to Ocracoke Island for the Ocrafolk Festival. Wish me luck, and be sure to visit me on Howard Street if you find yourself in the area.