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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Here I Go Again!

I feel like I should stand up and announce to the world, "Hi, My name is Jean, and I am a well-intentioned-but-very-bad-on-the-follow-through-blogger." I mean to blog. I see the value in it. It's a habit that I'd like to start and stick with; but somehow I never seem to establish the habit.
In the last few weeks I've had a broken telephone, erratic phone service, a dead cell phone, an internet connection that's sporadic at best, and an email server that I can't access no matter what I try. This morning, I also learned that none of the posts to my Yahoo groups went through during the past few weeks either. I really don't mean to complain; but if it's related to communication in my life, there's a good chance that I've been struggling with it. (Maybe someone can enlighten me as to the greater meaning or purpose of these challenges!?!)

Well, for now I'll start slowly. Here's today's post. (Assuming that it publishes without problems....which may be a stretch! lol) Hope to write again soon...


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